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PRESS RELEASE – Case Study From Box Latch Products made by Eco Latch Systems, LLC

PRESS RELEASE – Case Study From Box Latch Products made by Eco Latch Systems, LLC

Box Latches™ and Clip & Stacks in a Perfect Partial Closed Loop 

“Made in the Wisconsin” Box Latch™ products are once again saving money and the environment. This time it is overseas. 

Australia’s Wiring Solutions Plus (WSP) has been shipping parts to REDARC Electronics, for many years. Thanks to their cooperative innovation, these companies are now eliminating costly, labor intensive practices, allowing boxes to be reused and reducing the potential for injuries in a partial closed loop. The boxes are filled at WSP and returned collapsed and

Packaging Tape Eliminated. After wiring looms are placed in cartons at WSP, they are temporally closed with Box Latches™, palletised, shrink-wrapped and shipped 15 miles to REDARC. By eliminating tape, risks for human injuries and damage to box contents from sharp blades vanish at REDARC. Anticipated reuse of these boxes is estimated to be 20 times. As this trial advances, the companies estimate they will reduce cost for boxes by over 90%.  

Leveraging the Savings with The Clip & Stack. Prior to this pilot project, when cartons arrived at REDARC, the four flaps were cut off to facilitate access to the components for assembly. This is labor intensive and generates serious risks for lacerations and damage to the wiring looms. In order to save the carton and return it to WSP for re-use, REDARC is using another Box Latch™ product, the Clip & Stack. It took 25 seconds to cut off and dispose of the flaps; it takes 6 seconds to insert 2 C & Ss.  

To eliminate open box flaps from catching on roller systems feeding the assembler, one or two Clip & Stacks are used to keep flaps down and open as contents are added at WSP or removed at REDARC.  By placing C & S’s on all four corners, boxes can be stacked four high saving considerable floorspace.  

As with the Box Latches™, the Clip & Stacks can be used hundreds or thousands of times.  

Content approved by Futurebiz Pty Ltd T/As Wiring Solutions Plus and Redarc Electronics Pty Ltd 

For further enquiries, please contact: 

  • Phil Southam, Australian Associate, Sales Representative & Interim Distributor  

Box Latch™ Products Australia | Woodcroft SA | Mob: +61 419 807 169 or  

  • Jack Wilson, COO, Eco Latch Systems, LLC | Duplainville Wisconsin USA |  
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