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Register to Win 50-Yardline Packers Tickets

Register to Win 50-Yardline Packers Tickets

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Stop by Kelly Business Advisors’ booth at the 5P Showcase to meet M&A advisors John Kelly and M&A Advisor Kiely Kelly Garcia. Learn more about business valuation and buying and selling a business. Register for a chance to win two 50-yardline tickets to the Jan. 7, 2024 Packers/Bears game at Lambeau Field. These tickets are special because they were hand-picked by John Kelly’s grandfather, LJ Kelly, who was Treasurer of the Packers when the stadium was built.

Kelly Business Advisors, Green Bay, Wisconsin, helps bring transactions to the finish line. Kelly helps clients with revenues of $1M-$50M make informed decisions based on the best interest of their business, their families, and their future. Contact Kelly Business Advisors about buying, selling or increasing the value of your business. Call 920-737-2579 or visit today.

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