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Rocket Industrial Provides Strapping & Banding Guide for Manufacturers

Rocket Industrial Provides Strapping & Banding Guide for Manufacturers

Packaging Solutions Company Creates Definitive Strapping Guide

Appleton, WI: Rocket Industrial, a leader in packaging solutions for manufacturers, releases a guide on strapping and banding. This resource was designed to provide education on strapping terminology, differences in strapping material types, and how to select the right tool or strapping material for a packaging line. The guide is available, at no-cost, on Rocket Industrial’s website.

Additionally, a strapping break strength calculator was developed to provide a quick readout of how much break strength one should look for when selecting strapping coils based on the weight of the load and the number of straps used. Try out the calculator on Rocket Industrial’s website.

About Rocket Industrial:

Rocket Industrial specializes in helping its clients Package With Less. They provide supplies, equipment, and expertise that allow their clients to package in less time, with less waste, and for less cost.

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