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‘Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent’ Webinar Recap

‘Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent’ Webinar Recap

Attendees at the Green Bay Innovation Group (GBIG) webinar, “Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent,” gained new insight into talent acquisition, employee selection, and job interview strategies. The labor-focused webinar was hosted by GBIG Executive Director Marty Ochs and GBIG Silver Sponsor Packerland Websites. The online event was a collaboration between GBIG and 15dots®. 15dot is a GBIG Silver Sponsor and a Neenah, Wisconsin-based company that trains HR leaders and organizational personnel to adopt a rigorous employee selection process that is repeatable, scalable, and teachable. 15dots refers to five ability tests and 10 behavior-based interview dimensions critical to employee selection.

15dots teammates Mike Quinn and Joe Nowlin shared interesting real-world stories from their years of working in Human Resources and employee selection, plus evidence-based hiring practices and expert advice. The audience got involved by sharing information about their organizations and asking questions.

Audience members also responded to polls – not always with the correct answers – which led to eye-opening revelations. The webinar polls pertained to abilities and skills. As a follow-up to the polls, Mike and Joe explained that an ability is established early (by age 16) and remains relatively stable. Thus, applicants need to have the abilities that a job requires in order to be successful. Abilities are the basis for picking up job skills. (Examples are mechanical or verbal ability.) Unlike abilities, which are static, skills wax and wane over time.

Other highlights of the “Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent” webinar:

  • How to market your organization to a potential job seeker, even those not actively looking for work
  • How to control bias in hiring, so you don’t fall into the trap of hiring people because you “like them”
  • How to create a compelling Employee Value Proposition, so people want to join your team
  • What traits make an ideal job candidate
  • What are the right pre-employment tests (cognitive ability) and the wrong tests (personality tests)
  • Why a structured board interview outperforms a one-on-one interview
  • Why use a liberal screening process on the front-end of the hiring process
  • Why involve stakeholders, not just HR personnel, in hiring

Thank You to the Presenters

Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn,, has worked tirelessly internally as a Human Resources Manager and externally as a consultant for over three decades. As a 15dots partner, Mike helped to perfect the tools and precise methods to take the guesswork out of employee selection.

Joe Nowlin

Joe “Doc” Nowlin

Joe Nowlin,, earned his doctorate from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. A former business professor, Joe designed, tested, and installed proprietary employee selection procedures for manufacturing organizations, revolutionizing the way they do business. As a 15dots partner, Joe adapted these systems for medium-sized and smaller organizations of all types.

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