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Strategies to Soften the Hard Market – A Flight to Quality

Strategies to Soften the Hard Market – A Flight to Quality

Throughout the year, I have been sharing information on the significant rate increases that many carriers are taking place in commercial property and casualty insurance. 19 straight quarters of rate increases says it all.

Two Important factors creating headwinds today include:

Cyber Crime Insurance Rates are Up over 25%
Commercial Auto Rates have Risen for 44 Straight Quarters (CIAB, Q2 2002)

If your commercial insurance renewal is approaching and your agent has not communicated your renewal strategy to you, it probably means you are in for large increase in your premium.

Mitigating these rate increases is possible, but it requires an independent agency that loss prevention and other professional services that can guide you through the process. We are The Knowledge Brokers™, let one of our commercial insurance consultants help you. Please give me a call or visit us at to learn more.

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