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Teel Plastics, LLC Awarded Plastics News Excellence Award for Customer Relations

Teel Plastics, LLC Awarded Plastics News Excellence Award for Customer Relations

Teel Plastics, LLC Awarded

Teel was honored as one of the the top two finalists for the Plastics News Processor of the Year Award in addition to  receiving recognition for outstanding customer service. 

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March 25, 2022 

Earlier this year, Teel Plastics was named one of the five finalists for the Plastics News Processor of the Year Award, a top  recognition of excellence in the plastics manufacturing industry. Applying for the award is a rigorous process involving  written submission and in-person evaluation and interviews. Over the course of the evaluation, Teel Plastics was  featured in a video on the Plastics News website as one of the five finalists. 

The winner of the award was named at the Plastics News Executive Forum on March 23rd in Naples, Florida. As the  finalists were counted down, Teel was among the top two contenders for the award before it was given to MMI  Engineered Solutions of Michigan.  

Teel was further recognized with the Plastics News Excellence Award for customer relations, a testament to Teel’s  strength in customer service and relationship building. Teel’s customer relations were evaluated as judges reached out  to Teel customers to discuss and evaluate Teel’s performance.  

Teel’s president, Tom Thompson, also participated in a panel discussion at the Executive Forum with executives from the  other four Processor of the Year finalists. 

Teel President Tom Thompson presenting at the Plastics  News Executive Forum.
From left to right: Teel CEO Jerry Pritchett, President Tom  Thompson, Board Member Jay Smith, and Director of  Growth Strategies Christian Herrild with Teel’s PN  Excellence Award for customer relations.

“We are very proud of what this award says about our people and the efforts they put into meeting customer needs,”  said Christian Herrild. “We are willing to take on difficult problems and challenges to support our customers and help  them achieve their goals.” 

About Teel Plastics: 

Teel Plastics is a premier manufacturer of custom extruded and injection molded plastic products due to the expertise of  their distinguished, skilled team – a group of problem solvers known for being professional, progressive, and personable.  Specializing in complex projects, Teel produces high-quality custom parts in a wide variety of sizes with tight tolerances.  

Teel focuses on the medical, cosmetic, industrial piping, film core, and water treatment markets. In addition, there is a  full-service analytical laboratory on campus. Founded in 1951, Teel is headquartered in Baraboo, WI. For more  information, visit

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