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The De Pere Walk Showcase

The De Pere Walk Showcase

The De Pere Walk Showcasing the MEGA CENTER of the 5P, Converting and Supporting Industries and the impact of the paper & pulp industries.

De Pere, WI is a suburb of Green Bay with the population of 25,009 with an average income of $83,207 with the median age of 34 years old.  We are going to provide a better understanding of the great impact of pulp and paper production on the Fox Valley by taking the De Pere Walk highlighting a number of very successful industries over the next three issues of the GBIG News.  De Pere is a MEGA CENTER of the 5P, Converting and Supporting Manufacturing Industries!

By 1850 De Pere dam’s powered three saw mills and the vast forests were processed into lumber, pulp and paper.  De Pere was part of the creation of the Paper Valley with a number of Pulp and Paper mills on the Fox River.  Wisconsin became the largest paper producing state in the United States and the world.  Today, we have seen a major decline of our paper and pulp companies in Wisconsin and we need to better understand the whole impact it will have on Wisconsin!  It is much more than just paper, it is a large infrastructure supporting the paper and pulp industries.  The Green Bay Innovation Group will be highlighting a number of companies that are built on the success of paper manufacturing in Wisconsin!

We will start at the NEW MULVA Center, a 75,000 square-foot cultural destination, reflects its surrounding community with a vibrant, world-renowned arts and exhibits for ALL to see!

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