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The Digital Opportunity – Wide Format Print and More! – Part 3

The Digital Opportunity – Wide Format Print and More! – Part 3

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In January, we wrote in the GBIG Newsletter about the “Digital Opportunity” and the reason that print manufactures should consider this growing segment. In this third segment we will review digital inkjet print to rigid flatbed systems and hybrid/specialty technologies. Investing in a flatbed printer will allow you to print on a wide range of rigid materials. Many printers come with a roll-to-roll option that gives you the best of both worlds allowing you to print on both flexible and rigid materials.

Printer models are now available in a multitude of sizes with the ability to print very small to down to 0.5” x 0.5”. Flatbeds are available at 18” x 24”, 24” x 36”, 50” x 55” and up the traditional industry standard of 4’ x 8’ and even larger at 8’ x 10’.

Flatbed printing systems can produce applications beyond typical display graphics, including backlit displays, high-end wall coverings for public and private spaces, dimensional prints, floor graphics, event signage, glasswork, architectural elements, fine art, or nearly anything that your imagination can conceive.

Flatbed printing technology uses either Latex or UV-curable inks. Ink chemistry continues to advance, providing expanded color gamut, high image quality and vibrant output. Overcoat for Latex ink and Varnish for UV inks enhance adhesion, gloss finish and scratch resistance.

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A newer and rapidly growing application is thermoforming. Latex inks bring considerable advantages to printed thermoforming applications due to its flexibility and temperature resistance. It can provide thermoformed prints with rich, deep colors that don’t fade when stretched into deep-draw forms. A wide range of substrates can be used in thermoforming, and the end product can range from prototypes, point-of-sale material, full graphics trays for commercial packaging uses and blister packs for industrial parts.

You will generally find that printing using flatbed technology will save you money on consumables. A flatbed printer can print directly onto unfinished or uncoated materials, reducing the need for additional processing steps. With flatbed printing, there’s no need to print onto vinyl or paper surfaces which a traditional roll-fed printer requires. The elimination of these additional steps, plus the materials and labor required to mount and laminate, ultimately results in faster turnaround times and lower production costs for your shop.

Thermo Forming machine

At Big Systems, our Service Mark is “Print Brilliant.” We do our absolute best to help our customers improve their workflow and print results every day. Big Systems is a dealer of wide-format equipment, supplies, software, installation, repair services and specialty applications. We are located in Menomonee Falls, WI.

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