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Quad Plus: Are you familiar with power factor correction and its purpose for avoiding costly penalties?

Quad Plus: Are you familiar with power factor correction and its purpose for avoiding costly penalties?

Are you having problems with your power distribution at your plant or factory? It is crucial to get up to speed with power factor correction to avoid costly penalty fees and other inefficiencies for your equipment operation.

It is common for plant maintenance engineers and factory managers to be stumped by penalty fees and how to eliminate them.

Quad Plus’s recent power factor correction study highlighted the importance of understanding and prioritizing power correction.

Read on for everything you need to know about power factor correction, the study, and how to contact a power services expert.

What Is Power Factor?

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Power factor is a measure that indicates the ratio of real power (the power equipment needs to operate) to apparent power (also known as reactive power). However, when your power factor is too high or low, it can lead to penalty fees.

For example, if you have a low power factor, you cause strain on the grid. Your utility company instates penalty fees to help you pay attention to your power distribution and consider power factor correction.

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction capacitors help you avoid paying costly penalty fees and improve the efficiency of your power use. There are a variety of reasons to use power factor correction, including:

  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Avoiding penalty fees
  • Stabilizing voltage
  • Reducing maximum power
  • Increasing useful kW load without risk

There are many benefits of power factor correction. Sometimes it can be tricky to determine the cause of the high penalty and how to eliminate it. This is why it is important to contact a plant engineer to ensure power factor correction is correctly installed.

Power Factor Correction Study

Quad Plus carried out a power factor correction study to help identify the cause of penalty fees and eliminate them for one of our customers. We used data from their recent power bills to understand the charges and rates. We then identified the best solution with power factor correction.

We found that penalty fees were eliminated as soon as the equipment was installed, and the amount of reactive power flow was reduced. The power factor correction equipment also paid for itself within the year due to the reduced cost of power bills from the utility company.

The results also highlighted the need for power education from a power services expert, so companies can begin to take charge of the costs for their plant or factory.

Identify and Eliminate Costly Penalty Fees

Our recent power factor correction study highlighted how quickly penalty fees can be eliminated. However, plants and factories need support from power experts to find solutions.

The best power factor correction depends on the individual case. A power factor correction study needs to be done to find the best solution for your plant or factory.

Are you looking to identify and eliminate penalty fees fast? Contact Jim Woulf from Quad Plus at (920) 515-4155 or via email at to get the assistance you need.

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