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Wisconsin’s Paper Industry is Under Siege by China

Wisconsin’s Paper Industry is Under Siege by China

I have attached an article published December 9, 2012: Paper Under Siege and Wisconsin has failed to grasp of the impact on the Wisconsin economy! I have listed below a number of paper mills that went out of business, reorganized, no longer producing paper or simply left the State of Wisconsin. Each Shutdown means the loss of 300 to 600 high paying jobs draining millions and millions of dollars from areas that need the employment and income. We boast that the Wisconsin Paper Industry is number one producer of paper in the USA and has 30,000 employees today and continues to decline! In 1990, the industry employed close 50,000. It has been said, one job at a paper mill creates 7 jobs supporting them! These Paper Mills drive the Printing, Packaging Converting and Forestry industries supporting a large labor force across Wisconsin.

We see the China Government pouring in Billions of Dollars buying up US Paper Mills and investing into mega-mills betting that China can control the Paper Industry worldwide with low-cost paper. Simply, Wisconsin has to re-focus it support on the paper industry. If not, we will see China buying up our Converting, Printing, Packaging and Manufacturing Companies too! If you are interested in joining a group of industry professional supporting the paper industry, please contact me.

  • Appvion – Appleton – No longer producing paper. 
  • Appleton Coated – Appleton – Out of business.
  • Badger Paper Mills – Bankrupted and reorganized BPM, Inc.
  • Billerud – Verso mill in Wisconsin Rapids shut down
  • Clearwater Paper Company – Neenah – Closed
  • Flambeau Paper Company – Park Falls – Closed
  • George Whiting Paper Company – Menasha – Closed
  • Georgia-Pacific – Broadway – Green Bay
  • Georgia-Pacific – Oshkosh – Shutdown
  • Gilbert Paper Company – Closed
  • Glatfelter Mill – Neenah – Closed
  • Kimberly-Clark – Neenah – Moved Headquarters to Texas
  • Neenah Paper Company – Moved headquarters to Georgia
  • Nekoosa Paper – Nekoosa operating as Paper Excellence
  • New Page – Kimberly files for bankruptcy
  • Niagara Paper Company – shutdown
  • Whiting Plover Paper Company 
  • Port Edwards Paper Company – Port Edwards – Shutdown
  • River side Paper Company – Appleton – Shutdown
  • Ward Paper Mill – International Paper – Merrill – Shutdown
  • Wausau Paper Company – Wausau – Shutdown
  • Whiting Paper – Menasha – Shutdown
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