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The Plastic Dilemma

93% of global consumers say COVID-19 influenced their views on sustainability, brands and environmental issues for product purchases.  As we return to normal, business are switching more and more to eco-products with new innovative plastics and paper fiber products.  We still see a lot of GREEN-WASHING of products. 62% of consumers are willing to change their buying behavior to reduce the negative impact on the environment.  

We are seeing more and more bans on plastic worldwide especially in Europe, China and India with governments imposing restrictions and penalties on plastics.  However, we have to recognize the full impact that plastics have on our daily lives!  Simply, plastics are very inexpensive and can be used for so many packaging solutions.  

Can we do without plastic…probably NOT!  However, the plastics industry has to address the issue with more bio-degradable plastics without using petroleum.   We have to recognize that Paper has its limitations. Number one is the cost and will the consumer pay the price for paper?  Two, the USA is limited in pulp and paper production capabilities to product the products.  The Wisconsin Paper Industry has tremendous opportunities to expand our paper and pulp production. Wisconsin has ALL the resources necessary to re-invent the paper, film and plastics industries!  In addition, Wisconsin has tremendous resources for converting paper and film products to new innovative packaging products.  The Wisconsin Paper Industry has to accept the challenge. GBIG will be bringing together our industries, government and our Universities to support one another.

Here are some examples of alternative materials that could play a significant role for the flexible packaging industry and our flexible packaging companies are leading the way!

  • Bio-based Plastics typically use food crops such as corn and sugarcane with both commodities readily available in surplus.  However, the current supply chain will create issues and there is reluctance to using food resources for packaging products. 
  • Polyactic acid (PLA) is a transparent sold polymer that is similar to PETE polymer but has a significant lower maximum continuous use temperature.  
  • Poly hydroxyalkanoate (PHA) is a much eco-friendly polymer that can handle high temperatures and decompose in soil and waterways.  Both alternatives are made from fermented corn starch and they can decompose up to 90% within 90 days if disposed properly. 
  • Paper-based Packaging like corrugated boxes and other forms of paper-based packaging are biodegradable unless it is recycled and does not end up in the landfill!

When it comes to plastic, film and flexible packaging formats for single use, we recognize the cost advantages and to use it.  However, these types of single-use plastic are simply very challenging to recycle.  The plastic products are very lightweight with very little material per packaging piece.  The second issue is getting them collected, sorted and ready to be recycled.  

In addition, flexible packaging is more highly contaminated with substrates such as inks, dyes, coating and creating additional issues for recycling. Simply, the USA doesn’t have that capability available to handle ALL of the plastics.   Minnesota in the spring of 2023, has a $24 million, 170,000-square-foot plastic recycling plant that will be in operation with the goal to expand film recycling infrastructure and the supply of recycled resin for use in new products supported by a number of large companies in Minnesota along with Charter Next Generation based in Wisconsin.  The residential recycling rate for film and flexible packaging in 2020 was just 2 percent!

Bay Cities Teams Up with Packerland Websites

GREEN BAY WI June 1, 2022: Website developer Packerland Websites in Howard and Bay Cities MultiMedia Center, Marinette, are teaming up. Marinette County businesses and nonprofits now have two marketing companies working for their success. 

“We’re excited to begin this business relationship with Packerland Websites to give our clients an integrated approach to marketing across multiple channels. Digital marketing and radio advertising complement one another to build brand awareness and convey a brand’s personality,” said Bay Cities President and CEO Chris Bernier. “Packerland Websites offers our clients the benefits of working with a dynamic and experienced website designer and marketing professional.”

Bay Cities appeals to a broad range of listeners with its five radio stations: Cat Country 95.1 FM (WLST), The Rock 96.3 FM (WSFQ), Classic Hits 103.7 FM (WHYB), News Talk Radio 1340 AM (WAGN) and Sports Radio 570 AM (WMAM). 

Representatives from Bay Cities MultiMedia Center and Packerland Websites meet to discuss a new partnership. The two organizations will provide marketing services across multiple channels. Clockwise from left are Bay Cities’ representatives Chris Bernier, Nicole Kelsey, Heidi Malawka and Camille Sowle and Packerland Websites’ owner Bill Koehne.

With the new partnership, Bay Cities MultiMedia Center will continue to manage clients’ websites and provide marketing products and services that create awareness, drive traffic, and generate conversions. Packerland Websites will provide website maintenance, cybersecurity, and hosting to keep websites functioning at peak performance 24/7/365. Plus, Packerland Websites will build or rebuild any new websites for Bay Cities clients. 

“Every business needs a website, but many organizations lack the staff, know-how, and time to develop their own digital marketing strategies,” said Packerland Websites owner Bill Koehne. “That’s where we step in. Our team designs effective websites and SEO strategies that lead to results, so businesses gain and nonprofits prosper.” 

Packerland Websites’ four full-time developers – all with degrees in website development – currently manage over 500 websites. Each website is uniquely designed as an effective online tool, not just a brochure on the internet. In addition to website design, Packerland Websites specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), geofence marketing, content writing, and app development. 

“We’re looking forward to combining marketing and SEO strategies, both on and off the website pages, to help clients meet their goals,” Koehne said.

To better serve clients in Marinette and Menominee, Packerland Websites opened an office at Bay Cities MultiMedia, 844 Pierce Ave., Marinette. Packerland Websites also has offices at 2140 Velp Ave. Green Bay and Abrams. 

To take your brand to the next level, contact Bay Cities MultiMedia at 715-735-0225 or Packerland Websites at 920-826-5901. To view a portfolio of commercial, municipal, and nonprofit websites built by Packerland Websites, visit

Worzella raises more than $20,000 for Words & Friends for Literacy

Worzalla Spells Out L-O-V-E for Reading by Supporting Adult Literacy

Stevens Point book printer raises takes first place in donations to Portage County Literacy Council’s and Annual Words & Friends for Literacy

Stevens Point, Wisconsin (May 12, 2022) – Worzalla, an employee-owned printing company specializing in high-quality children’s books and cookbooks, was a sponsor of this year’s Words & Friends for Literacy event hosted and organized by the Portage County Literacy Council. After taking a pause in 2020 and a remote event in 2021 due to the pandemic, this year’s event was a success in helping raise more than $20,000. The funds Worzalla raised and all donations from other participants will support the Portage County Literacy Council’s community-based literacy programs.

“Worzalla associates were excited to participate in the Portage County Literacy Council’s annual fundraising and support a cause we’re so closely connected to,” said Brianne Petruzalek, Vice President of Human Resources at Worzalla. “Reading is a wonderful way to find escape and learn about new ideas and PCLC understands that literacy is possible at any stage in life. As book printers, we’re proud to contribute to their programming to make literacy possible for adults in our community.”

The Words & Friends for Literacy fundraising event invited members of the community to form teams of four or more people and host a House Party for Literacy. Teams completed challenges and raised funds during Apr. 27, 28 and/or 29. Worzalla’s team, The Jefferson Street Girls, comprised of associates Sparky Musolf, Deb Clark, Brenda Betro, Sarah Zuehlke, Sheila Jasenovsky (Team Capitan), Kim Mains, Cathy Davis, Jennifer Heisler and Shasta Grosbier, took first place in collecting a total of $2,331.00 in pledges from friends, family and fellow Worzalla associates.

“Support from Worzalla, as well as other community members and sponsors, helps us continue to provide adult literacy services in Portage County,” said Kristy SeBlonka, Co-Director at Portage County Literacy Council. “We’re thrilled to see our community’s enthusiasm and rally behind our mission of helping adults achieve their literacy goals.”

Worzalla has an extended history of supporting literacy for all ages in Wisconsin. Most recently, Worzalla hosted its own fundraiser for PCLC with the “Reel It In For Reading” Ice Fishing Competition and plans year-round community involvement activities for local elementary schools. To learn more visit

About Worzalla

Worzalla is an employee-owned printing company headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Founded in 1892, Worzalla has 130 years of experience in creating high-quality custom products for its customers. Worzalla specializes in the production of cookbooks, children’s and lifestyle books, and is dedicated to exceeding expectations for quality, service, and delivery. From small to large publishers, Worzalla is the printer the industry turns to for manufacturing high profile projects and award-winning books. With numerous industry awards for safety and workplace culture, Worzalla is consistently ranked as one of the top places to work in central Wisconsin. For more information, visit

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Rebuild the Wisconsin Paper, Pulp and Forestry Industries

The war created by Russia in Ukraine has created huge issues with the Paper and Pulp Industries in Europe. Russia is a major exporter of oil, natural gas, minerals, pulp, paper and linerboard to Europe. Russia exports of paper, paperboard and pulp were US $2.41 billion during 2020, according to the United Nations. BIV reports that Russia exported $12 billion worth of lumber, logs, pulp, paper and wood pellets in 2021. The volume of packaging paper and paperboard exports from Russia reached 1.35 million metric tons in 2019 with expectations to grow 37.4 percent. Russia exported 2.316 million tons of pulp in 2022.

China had shifted its purchase of pulp to Europe, reducing imports from Russia and the USA over the past 3 years. However, we anticipate that China will go back to Russia due to the sanctions and price concessions. In addition, anticipate China will be purchasing rights to timber resources in Russia. As we see more sanctions, companies in the paper, pulp and related industries will no longer do business with Russia. We see a number of them already pulling out of Russia.

Wisconsin has a great opportunity with the embargo on Russia to supply Europe who is in desperate need of resources for pulp, paper and packaging materials, along with increasing the USA production to support America! Russia usually sends some 180,000-200,000 tons of kraftliner to Europe each year. Ukraine is a big exporter of kraftliner to Europe. Russia accounts for roughly 4% of global pulp exports.

With the strike at UPM, the US market is in desperate need for fine printing paper resources, and we will see less and less paper coming from Europe. The projections for printing papers are to decrease 1-2% over the year. However, that is not the case for 2022. We have seen a lot of demand for printing and packaging papers! With NO PAPER or LIMITED PAPER from Europe, this creates a large market for the USA-based paper manufacturers to support the fine printing paper production.

The USA companies have increased the production of board which could supply the USA and the world market. Wisconsin has a large number of companies in the board and corrugated industries! These are questions for the US-based paper companies to use the Wisconsin resources to rebuild our pulp and paper industries. Obviously, Green Bay Packaging has been a great asset for Wisconsin, setting a great example!

The Green Bay Innovation Group has had some success with finding paper for the printing industry and/or coming up with some alternative solutions. We are building a library of resources to support you. We would like to set up a meeting and invite ALL parties to better understand the impact of paper on the 5P and Converting Industries! The Paper Industry is the backbone of our industries and at this time, it is BROKEN! If you are interested, please send me an email to: or text to: 608-698-3333. We welcome your feedback, too!

GBIG NEWS | 69 Stories and Links on the Internet 03/09/22

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


Total U.S. Printing-Writing Paper Shipments Increased 3% in January 2022

The Existential Threat of a U.S. Paper Shortage and its impact on the Wisconsin Printing & Converting Industries.

Looking for Answers to Paper Shortages

Paper shortage now on mainstream agenda and it’s NOW TIME for Wisconsin to act on it!

Amplify to present Print Finishing  & Embellishment Event June 14-16

Paper Shortage: Threat of further extension to UPM strike

Verso financial results

Adobe and Pantone to Part Ways; What You Gonna Do?

Plastic vs Paper Packaging: The Pros and Cons

Is It Better to Plant Trees or Let Forests Regrow Naturally

UN Plastic Pollution Treaty: Industry giants send powerful single ahead of Environment Assembly

Huge shipping company will no longer move plastic waste

INDA Appoints Jennifer Greenamoyer as New Director of Government Affairs

Cellulosic Fibers: A World of Opportunity

Flexible Packaging Market Know the Untapped Growth Opportunities to 2030

Rising Consumer Spending, Manufacturing Activity to Boost US Packaging Demand

Key issues for the specialty-paper market in 2022

BASF has developed new adhesives for labels that no longer interfere with paper and paperboard recycling

Unlocking Flexible Packaging Opportunities With Digital Printing

How Republicans and Democrats agree on USPA overhaul

Five Trends for Industrial Inkjet Printing in 2022

Printing Impressions annual ranking reveal Worzellas fifth largest book printer – Based out of Stevens Point

Creating good packaging for packaged goods

Bio plastics boom: Global production will triple in five years as Asis dominates.

Stand Up Pouch Packaging – The Perfect Package for Your Product


Green Bay Innovation Group updated website

$1B from infrastructure plan sets up work to restore polluted sites across Wisconsin, Great Lakes

President Biden to visit Superior next week

Converters Expo April 26-27 Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packaging: Net-Zero Water Validation

Kohler – The Winter Village In Wisconsin That Will Enchant You Beyond Words

WDNR Board votes to weaken standard for PFAS in drinking water

Wausau Coated: Paper innovation meets latest label and packaging trends

UW Platteville – New grant to advance entrepreneurial mindset for Platteville engineers

Poll finds people are willing to pay to protect the Great lakes amid rising water concerns

UWSP: Paper Science and Chemical Engineering Foundation awards scholarships

Study finds more than 1M tons of salt is flowing into Lake Michigan each year

4imptrint to Build Solar Array at the Distribution Center

Printing Impressions annual ranking reveal Worzelaas fifth largest book printer – Based out of Stevens Point



Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired – America’s broken hiring system

Workforce and Employment: Reskilling

These tech giants want to help prepare the world for the future of work

Evolve or die: Wisconsin’s labor shortage could last years.

WTC: Race for foreign talent is on: Will U.S. get off the starting line?


Succession Planning for Label Converting Businesses

Digital Decorating – Where Does It Fit and Where is It Going

Wisconsin Converting, Inc. People, packaging solutions for bag manufacturing

Fox Converting – Coating, Printing, and Custom Converting

Converting Unlimited top-quality carton sealing tape large or small quantities.

Pro-Con: CONVERTING AND LOGISTICS partner for the North American Paper Industry

Bay Converting: Your Private Label/Contract Manufacturer Partner

American Custom Converting Adding Value with Integrity

Vidya Holding has acquired all the assets of Dedicated Converting Group, Inc.

PCMC partners with Fox Valley Flexo services to provide flexographic printing education to the print industry

Appvion highlights culture, expansion in new VideoBite

First Business Bank Promotes Chase Kostichka

Korber offers high efficiency rewinder with short lead time


Miron: Education

MWES: Robotic Stack Handling System

Precision Paper Converters: So Long, 2021

Rotocontrol Video

ISG Adds Depth and Expertise to Design and Commissioning Teams

Davis-Standard: Peak Nono Installs Davis-Standard Line for Innovative Capacitor Films

epac: Sustainable Food Packaging Trends in 2022

GBIG NEWS | 67 Stories and Links on the Internet 02/23/22

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


Converting Paper market Size Forecast To Reach US $458 million by 2027

Inside AmFiber: Amcor to redefine what is possible for paper-based packaging

Essity maker of the Tork brand expands Wiping with acquisition of Legacy Converting, Inc.

Amcor launches paper-based confectionery packaging

Can Lumber Trade At $2,000?

Creating A Brand Identity For Multiple Products

Fusing Your Purpose And Sustainability Strategy Requires Tackling Myths: President Of Paper & Packaging Board Offers Views

The tree-line is out of control: how the climate crisis is turning the Arctic green


Supply Chain Predictions for 2022

How fisher International Predicted the Recyclability of Fiber-Based Packaging

Wood Pulp Market to Garner $242.1 Billion Globally, By 2030 at 3.9%CAGR.

How to Touch Your Customers: Sensory Marketing

Dow Completes Roads Improved with Recycled Plastic

Temperature Controlled Packaging Market to Reach around US $17.0 billion by the end of 2027

Extreme air pollution from US wildfires now affects millions of people

More of the Fortune Global 500 participating in Sustainability Efforts, Investments Potential Remains

Building value-chain resilience with AI

Biodegradable boom or bust? Bioplastic innovation confronts costs and policy changes

How Labels and Packaging Will Continue Transformation Journey in 2022


Bretting, PCMC, Korber: Converting Machines Leaders Based in Wisconsin

Menasha Corporation to acquire Georgia-Pacific Color-Box business

WEPA Invests in Infinity Equipment for Multiple Locations – Infinity is based in De Pere, WI

Fabio Perini North America, other tissue specialists of Korber Group Rebranded as singular Korber

Converters Expo April 26-27 Lambeau Field

UWSP Foundation new Executive Director – Sheryl Tepp

INTERVIEW: Machinists needed for 200 machines shops in Northeastern Wisconsin.

State of Wisconsin Awards $2.5 Million Grant for Green Bay Visitor’s Center

Rebel Converting Can Create Coreless Rolls, Canister Wipes

Wausau finds all city wells contain elevated PFAS levels, will study reduction methods

Amazon wants to bring one of its largest facilities to Cottage Grove

UW Platteville: Student research bring new life to plastic

Robotics competition brings students from U.S., Canada to Lambeau Field

UW-Stout: Expanded lab, new printers help bring art, design students work to life

Viking Masek Packaging: New Automated Packaging Machine Set to Transform Operations for Small Businesses

Georgia-Pacific Earning Second Chance

Sustana Appoints Jeffrey Crawford as Vice President of Sustainability

Milwaukee-area companies adjusting pay ranges to attract talent



KL Laser Technology is a supplier of lamination film, hot stamping foil and holographic labels

Other Converted Paper Product Manufacturing Employment trends


Biax-fiberfilm: Transform Polymer resins into fine microfibers and convert them into nonwovens systems

Converted Products, Inc. has created a niche as a leading converter when it comes to precision slitting and rewinding

Hoffmaster: Your dependable resource for premium food services disposables.

Precision Paper Converters your experts in facial tissue converting

Soar Converting Solutions, LLC. is a one-stop, value-based contract/outsource converter of paper and tissue converting.

Alpha-Prime, Inc. is a customer-focused paper converter located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Paper Valley

K&L: Your leader in converting tailored…timely…and on target since 1972


The Great Resignation is coming to decimate the ranks of middle management.

GB – Earning Second Chances

Sowing immigration worsens job shortages

Married to the job no more: Craving flexibility, parents are quitting to get it.

The Great Attrition: Same turnover, but the “why” differs by industry

Top 5 Ways to Attract Moms as a Workforce Segment

Companies Are Desperate for Workers. Why Aren’t They Doing the One Thing That Will Attract them?

50% of Wisconsin’s working women are considering leaving their jobs!

The State of burnout for women in the workplace

Will Manufacturing Return to Advanced Countries?

GB Embossing: Precision engraved rolls for embossed products

MWES: Disposable Silverware Napkin Wrapping Automation System

Rocket Industrial: 3 ways to navigate supply shortages for packaging materials

Domino: Abbott Label adds Domino N6IOi

Energage Names First Business Bank A Winner of The 2022 Top Workplaces USA Award

JOA in the community.

Touchplan and The Boldt Company Complete Enterprise Agreement

MECA Print Sleeves

David Standard – Embracing the Cloud for Smarter Unwinding Splicing & Transfer

GBIG NEWS | 76 Stories and Links on the Internet 02/09/22

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


Ahlstrom-Munksjo commences construction of new glass fiber tissue expansion of $68 Million dollars

How Bad Are Plastics

Supply Chain Chaos Help Ocean Carriers Reap $150 Billion in 2021

Top 12 Graphic Design Trends For 2022

Plastic Recycling Market Rapidly Growing Aided by Government and Industry Support

Is the Paper Industry on the Precipice of a Capital Investment Boom?

Georgia-Pacific committed to only sourcing from sustainable, legal and responsible sources

2022 predictions for the Label Industry

This 3D-printed wood guitar is made from recycled sawdust

Amazon pioneers artificial intelligence machine learning for packaging waste reductions

Lignin-Based material could replace fossil plastics and adhesives

Mactac to Acquire Spinnaker Coating for $40 Million

Total U.S. Printing-Writing Paper Shipments Essentially Flat in December 2021

Working Through Challenges with Today’s paper Stocks and Coatings

Chipping Away at Supply Chain Issues

Expanding Advanced Packaging Production In The U.S.

Supply chains in 2022: Shortages will continue, but for some sellers the problem will be to much stock

The rare spots of good news on climate change


WEB HANDLING: The Keys to Optimal Control presentation

ST. Paper & Tissue: Our History founded by Sharad Tak and his son Sahil Tak in Oconto Falls, WI.

Gov. Evers Provides Financial Aid to Help the Paper and Forestry Coalition Receive $100M Federal Grant

On Broadway, Inc. announced details of the $30 million redevelopment projects

Converters Expo April 26-27 Lambeau Field

Madison Research Park new 142,000 square-foot laboratory for 20 bioscience companies to rent

SC Johnson, Racine, WI: Plastic Bank Stops 2 Billion Plastics Bottles From Entering the Ocean

Lakeshore FIRST Robotics expands its STEM outreach program to Brown County

How Continuous Improvement Principles Help Manufacturers Embrace Uncertainty

Economist says state seeing record low number of unemployed

Glenroy Inc. Announces the Addition of Brian Hodek as Director of Food and Beverage

GLAC: News: Call for Action: Paper and Supply Chain Shortages

Appvion – MISSION ZERO line of food services products

Belmark Brand Colors

ChemDirect Transforms Chemical Purchasing with New B2B Marketplace

Approximately 2,300 Georgia-Pacific employees work in Green Bay

The Largest Used Book Warehouse In Wisconsin Has More Than A Half Million Books

Paper Transport Announces Ben Schill as CEO

UWEC alumni create company aimed at reducing carbon emissions

UW Platteville to support rural entrepreneurs with now prototyping services

UW Stevens Point – These four universities are spearheading sustainability in natural resource management

Testimony of WEDC Deputy Secretary and COO Sam Rikkers: Forestry, Parks and Outdoor recreation

Whiting Paper Mill site demolition more costly

Entire state meets 2010 air quality standard after Rhinelander mill reduces sulfur dioxide pollution

UW-Madison ranked first among public universities by Washington Monthly

UWM breaks ground for $118 million chemistry building

Infinity launches VISION G3 Wrapper

Kimberly-Clark net income decreases 34% in the fourth quarter


Printing Outlook Survey with business being up

Reaching Consumers in a Environmentally Responsible Way: The Return of Printed Catalogs

Pantone Launches World’s First Validation Program for Skin Tones

Production Inkjet Press Adoption Is Gaining Ground Across Printing and Packaging

Seaway Printing – A world Class, Award Winning, Full Service Publication Printer

LSC COMMUNICATIONS – Strategically designed with your needs in mind


Sheridan Group – A heritage of Printing Excellence in Publisher Services

Quad: Magazine Printing Reaching loyal readers with high quality publications

Schumann Printers a specialty publication printer

Arandell Corporation – A world class printer for catalog printing.

Who We Are..Worzella


The No. 1 reason people quit jobs during the Great Resignation, according to MII research – and it’s not pay

Burnt Out Amazon Employees Are Embracing the Great Resignation

Covid Drove Workers to Quit. Here’s Why From the Person Who Saw It Coming

The Great Resignation a myth, says local workforce development leader

Myths and Realities of Automation and Labor-Shortages

Companies fire employees for these personality traits, but maybe they should be getting bonuses

Automation the only answer to labor shortage problem, CEO says

How Leaders Can Build Connection in a Disconnected Workplace

Here’s Why the US Labor Shortage may not be such a bad thing

First Business Bank Named Top SBA Lender

Miron Construction: Community Involvement

Korber helps the manufacturer of toilet paper with minimal production downtime – Marty

Bretting: Digital Printer: Continuous stream ink jet provides high-speed production

Robinson is unique among high pressure vessel manufacturers

Anderson & Vreeland names Andy Gillis as VP and General Manager

WEDC Grant Helps Box Latch Products Worldwide

GBIG NEWS | 73 Stories and Links on the Internet 01/26/22

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


RR Donnelley – U.S. Printer – Suffers Cyber Attack

How Foreign Investment is Reshaping the NA Industry

Pratt Big Expansion

What Graphic Packaging’s Investment Means for the Industry

Tetra Pak awards BillerudKorsnas for being ahead in fighting climate change.

Nanotechnology Report – Demand for nanofibers is expected to grow

Packaging through the eyes of the consumer

Harvard researchers develop antimicrobial food packaging in biodegradability boost

Predictions for the Global Forest Industry in 2022

US Department of Energy Invests $13.4 Million to Combat Plastic Waste, Reduce Plastic Emissions

Research Report Finds Inkjet Creating New Possibilities

Food Contact Paper Market worth $97.8 billion by 2028

Impacts of Supply Chain Crisis to the Forest Products Industry

Catalpha: Top 3 Packaging Innovations for E-Commerce Growth And Sustainability

Digital Printing Market Update

Despite Supply Chain Challenges, US Forest Industry Performance Gains

Can Can We Move Our Forests in Time to Save Them?

Lumber Prices Soaring Again


Wynnchurch Capital, L.P. appointed Laurie D. Andriate as Chief Executive Officer, succeeding George Wurtz

Converters Expo April 26-27 Lambeau Field

Catalpha Branding Webinar-Key Elements That Drive Success: Originally scheduled Feb. 24; rescheduled to May due to Covid

Evolve or die: Wisconsin’s labor shortage could last years!

UWO Cyber Center

Infinity to supply Bedford paper full showcase packaging line

Ahlstrom-Munksjo to acquire majority of Chinese decor paper Minglian

Protecting the Shores of the Great Lakes and Combating Climate Change

13 Things No One Tells You About Surviving A Wisconsin Winter

810 Companies Have Removed Statements in Response To Anti-Greenwash Campaign

Inside the World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building – 25-story Ascent.

Northcentral Technical College: Wood Technology Center of Excellence

Great Lakes ports see shipping rebound in 2021 after 2021 downturn

Green Paper Towel Flag


UW Madison investing trust funds associated with the government of China

Mike Gallagher – How To Defund The Chinese Communist Party

Gallagher Introduces Bill that Bans Harmful Chinese Companies from Exploiting U.S. Capital Markets

Gallagher Outlines Steps to Protect Itself from CCP Threats – UW Madison 5 Steps

Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

Tackling China’s Water Shortage Crisis

Year ahead: China’s economic shift may yield winners and losers

The other side of the “Sword” in the plastic industry with polluting processors.

Water Shortages in China resource on their water issues!

Sweden to tighten foreign takeovers and security worries – China

Chinese imports of softwood and hardwood wood products will be altered in 2022 by Russia

Transformation of China’s Container board Industry: Will winners Take It All?

American supply chains face a dire threat from China’s water shortages?

Could China’s Massive Public Debt Torpedo the Global Economy?

ND Paper

Old Town Mill

ND Paper’s Sister Company, ND Packaging Officially Opens For Business

Pulp and Paper Mills, and Packaging Plant in USA

ND Paper is a leading pulp, packaging and paper company

Nine Dragons Addresses fiber Gap for Its Recycled in China


Survey of Madison businesses highlights impact of labor shortages

Where U.S. Workers Are Quitting Jobs at Record Rates

Women are more likely to want to work remotely. But what if it ends up working against them?

The latest job report show strong gains, but a worker shortage still exists.. Here’s why

From the great attrition to the great adaptation

Great Attrition or Great Attraction?

5 Lessons Learned from Employing a Second-Chance Workforce

Three Myths of the Great Resignation

They quit. Now they want their jobs back

How innovative new HR tech can help companies combat the great Resignation

Confronting Labor Issues in the Printing Industry



Bryson Machonga – GBIG Board of Directors

Quad Plus: Pulp and Paper Systems Integrator: Increase Productivity

Robinson makes and integrates wet wipes manufacturing machines

MWES – Seamless Integration for Your Web Handling Needs

Rotocontrol Open House


SPL Consulting, Inc.:  Tips for Managing Your Supply Chain

Pixelle: Superior Wet Strength Waxing-Based Papers


Davis Kuelthau: Email Account Compromise – What Is It And How Can Your Business Protect Itself From It

epac Flexible Packaging Chicago Operation Damaged by Fire

GBIG NEWS | 73 Stories and Links on the Internet 01/12/22

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


Pulp & Paper Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

Five Predictions for Global Pulp

The P&P Industry is Wrapping up 2021 with Impressive Sustainability Initiatives

R.R. Donnelley receives unsolicited $11/share offer from strategic buyer

Michigan Tech: 3D Nano-inks Push Industry Boundaries

Wood-chip Exports: Why Industry Edge Tracks Vessel Movements

Why Your Firm Needs to Track Data-Center Assets in Real Time

The supply chain is so dysfunctional even lumber prices are back up 120%

Digitized Custom Color Unifies Beauty Packaging Worldwide

Billerud Korsnas to acquire Verso to ignite growth in North America

Paper Trends


Davis Kuelthau’s Breakfast Briefing Series – January 26, 2022

Robyn Buss retires from AHLSTROM-MUNKSJO

Quad Completes Sale of Former Oklahoma City, Fernley Manufacturing Facilities

Fulfillment Center in Green Bay Updates

Converters Expo April 26-27 Lambeau Field

$136.7 Million federal contract for MilliporeSigma Sheboygan Falls facility to produce nitrocellulose membrane

Worzalla Raises $50,000 for United Way of Portage County

Amcor buys more PCR and develops sort-able mini-bottle

Ahlstrom-Munksjo new market electric cars

Foodservice Packaging Institute partners with City of Madison to Recycle Paper Cups


Great Lakes account for 21% of the Earth’s surface freshwater

$150,000 state grant awarded for computer science in eastern Wisconsin

PCMC Announces New Packaging Innovation Center

Department of Energy Awards $2.2 Million to Wisconsin Clean Energy Project


China Imported 30% of Its Total Volume of Softwood Logs from Europe in 2021

China Is Turning Its Water-Scarcity Crisis into a Weapon

China’s massive timber imports threaten the global forest industry

China is building up its ability to weaponize trade, new report says

The 3 pillars of China’s booming startup ecosystem

Energy Crunch, Rising Prices Continue to Impact Asia Pacific Region

Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

China creates vast research infrastructure to support ambitious climate goals

Tackling China’s Water Shortage Crises

American supply chains face a dire threat from China’s water shortages?

Could China’s Massive Public Debt Torpedo the Global Economy?


Year ahead: China’s economic shift may yield winners and losers


China Plastics

Blinken touts deeper U.S. engagement over aggressive China

Water Shortages in China resource on their water issues!

ND Paper

Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited Overview

ND Paper Paper: Making vast expansions

ND Paper – Our Company

Nine Dragons records high revenue in 2021 interim results

Nine Dragons Paper’s revenue 2015-2021

ND Paper: Record high revenue and net profits for Nine Dragons in 2020

Pulp and Paper Mills, and Packaging Plant in USA

ND Paper is a leading pulp, packaging and paper company

Nine Dragons Addresses fiber Gap for Its Recycled in China

ND Paper’s Sister Company, ND Packaging Officially Opens For Business

Old Town Mill


X630i Digital Corrugated Printing Press Profit for short and medium run market

DuPont Artistri Inks Brings Global Advantages to Digital Printing for Packaging


Managing Potential Employee Non-Compliance with COVID-19 Requirements

15dots: With the endless challenges facing employers today, we ensure the best hire!

Labor Challenges Part 1: Where Have America’s Workers Gone?

Labor Crises for Christmas and Beyond

When Everyone’s Quitting…Except You

5 Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose

Your Most Overlooked Profitable Resource? The Entrepreneurs

Why you need these 5 skills on your resume, says CEO

The Startup Surge: Business Formation in 2021 on Pace to Break Record




First Business Bank: The 2021 Manufacturing Report


Box Latch Products Featured In London Trade Show

Flexo Plate Mounters with High Accuracy for the Flexo Industry

Korber: Engraving Solutions presents LIME and SEWN, two new embossing solutions.


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